I've had a chat with Leyton Orient player Gavin Massey (krnymoen)

I've had a chat with Leyton Orient player Gavin Massey

In February I went to London to watch the League Cup final between Manchester United and Southampton, as I'm a huge Manchester United fan. Since I was staying there for five days I decided to go to Brisbane Road and watch Leyton Orient play against Cheltenham Town. I did a quick research on Orient's team and player stats and found this interesting player named Gavin Massey. Two months later, I'm sitting here interviewing him.

For those of you who don't know Gavin Massey; he plays as a forward for now relegated Leyton Orient in Sky Bet League Two. The 24-year old went through the Watford academy as a youth and got seven league matches for the first team. From there he went on loan to Yeovil Town and Colchester, before he signed for Leyton Orient last summer. With this interview I wanted to know how it was to get through a top division club's academy, and how it's been to play for a club fighting against relegation.

Gavin celebrating a goal. After having an interview with him it's not hard to understand why he is a fan favourite. Photo: © Leyton Orient FC w/Gavin Massey.


I see that you started to play for the Watford Academy in 2007 and that you'd been in the club since the age of nine. Do you remember the first time you kicked a football and when you made the decision to be a professional footballer?

I started kicking a ball when I was five years old. And I was taken to my local football side called "Gadeside Rangers" when I was six. I remember it quite well. I started on the bench in my first game for them. As they needed a goal the coach brought me on and I scored and made sure we won the game. From then on they signed me. When I turned 7 I played against opponents that was a year and two years above myself.

Have you always been playing as a forward? What is your best foot? Left or right?

As a kid I began my career playing as a centre forward. I scored loads of goals so I was moved up as a striker. But when I got older and especially on my time at Colchester I started to play more on the wing. I still see myself as a forward but it's good to have variation in position to help the team. I?m right footed; my left foot isn't as strong as my right.

It seems like there was no doubt that Massey had a great talent on the football pitch, so who inspired the young boy?

What is your favourite club and who is your favourite player?

I support Chelsea, always have. I've only seen them a few times live, but I always look out for the results. When I grew up I based my game on Thierry Henry and he used to be my favourite player. Right now I love watching Lionel Messi. The way he plays football, I really enjoy it.

I've read that you grew up only 200 yards away from Vicarage Road; did you go to watch Watford's games? Was your childhood dream to be able to play for them one day?

Yeah, it's just around the corner. I used to always watch them; mainly because I played for them and we got free tickets- it was good. My dream has always been to play for Chelsea, but as being a local boy from Watford I did always want to play for them at some point. And when I made my debut it was a dream come true.

How was it to get through the academy?

I signed for Watford when I was eight, and made my way through every age group up to the first team. It was probably the most enjoyable time, you get to enjoy football and it's all about learning and having fun. I was fortunate enough to sign my professional contract early, as I was doing so well at the age of 16.

How was it to get your debut on Watford's first team?

It was a dream come true making my debut away to Coventry City. I heard all week that they were planning on taking me. Only played eight minutes though and touched the ball once, ha-ha.

Massey played a total of 7 league games for Watford, but because of his young age he was sent out on loan to play more regularly and to continue his development.

You've been on a few loan spells before you ended up in Colchester, and last summer in Leyton Orient. How has the last few years been for you, how has it affected your development as a footballer?

Well, I've been on loan twice professionally at Yeovil Town and Colchester, before signing for the latter club. They've been good for my footballing career as it's got me used to men's football from a young age, really got me ready for it. That's probably why I've played so many games, and I'm still only 24 years old.

I went to see Gavin and his teammates in a match against Cheltenham Town at Brisbane Road and would like to know why he chose them.

What made you sign for Leyton Orient last summer?

I felt I needed a change, a change of scenery and a new challenge. Thought I was just becoming comfortable at Colchester. Football is a funny game though as it hasn't been a good season for us, for Colchester it has been a great season -which is a shame for Leyton Orient. But I believe I've had a good season, despite the circumstances.

You scored in your first match for Leyton Orient, a 1-1 draw against Cheltenham Town. How did that feel?

Amazing. You always want to start well, especially at a new club. And to score so early on made me relax more and settle even better at Leyton Orient.

In your first five games for Leyton Orient, you won two, played one draw and lost two. How were you, your manager and teammates thinking about your chances of reaching the play-offs at that point?

We all felt we could have done better, but at the beginning of the season teams who played against us made it really hard for us to score against, as they knew we were a team to be afraid of. It was still early on and we felt it was an okay start and thought we would get better.

After turning the year things got worse. You lost 17 out of 22 games, when did you realize that this would be a fight to avoid relegation?

We knew it straight away; we had talks between the boys and said that if we didn't sort ourselves out it could result in being relegated. Unfortunately so much happened in the season and there was nothing we could do to stop it from happening.

How did the bad results affect the squad?

Terribly. The morale at the club day by day was bad. We tried everything to win games but circumstances didn't help the boys.

How did the sacking of managers disturb your play?

It wasn't easy. We had to stay professional and try to do it for ourselves, but it didn't help.

You've been on Sky Bet League Two's Team of the Week this season, and won the Goal of the Month award for your screamer against Portsmouth back in January. You're also on second place on the top scorer list for Leyton Orient this season with 8 goals, as one match remains. That's not bad. With these stats, do you feel that it's unfair that you're now relegated?

At the end of the day the league table doesn't lie. We've finished at the bottom for a reason, we have some talented individual players that will get a good career, but the result just wasn't good enough in the end.

Massey scored in his debut for Leyton Orient, here with his teammate Jordan Bowery. Photo: © Leyton Orient FC w/Gavin Massey.


Do you understand the way the Leyton Orient fans were reaction at your last home match?

I understand the frustration from the fans, they've been a supporter of the club for years and it's hard for them to see the club get relegated. It's down now for us players to help get the club back.

I know this is a controversial question, but do you see yourself as a Leyton Orient player next season?

Can't comment on this at the moment. I just want to play football and enjoy it again. Whatever happens, happens. At the moment I'm still a Leyton Orient player, until otherwise.

At the end of this interview I just got to ask you, what is your best memory on the pitch?

This season the best moment has got to be Plymouth away. To go away from home with a team who were second in the league at the time and beat them 3-2, and to score two goals, it was wonderful.


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